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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Racism in the schools

Racism, we would think is dead in the schools of the west. After all, we have fought of the KKK, neo-Nazism, and other forms of white supremacism. We are not allowed to say that blacks suffered persecution, but that people of African origin were subject to harsh circumstances. This is just part of slavery and the evil West.

However, in high school and universities, they call the Europeans whites thereby enforcing their own form of racism on themselves. Only the whites are capable of doing such evil things. But being white implies that you're Christian, and any one who is not white/Christian, is clean from all blame. Therefore all who are not white/not Christian are heroes of anti-slavery/anti-racism. The big religion next to Christianity is of course Islam, and the image that people think of when they think of Islam, is a bunch of dark or black skinned people.

Hating the whites is a subtle form of racism. But the bigger form of racism that abounds in its place is support of Islam. What I'm trying to say is that if anyone bashes the blacks, they are called racists. If anyone bashes Islam, they are called racists. This implies that Islam is a race. This is quite simply not true since an idea is not a race, it doesn't exist in real time or space. If we consider that Islam is a race, we must return to the old thinking that Jews are a race, blacks should be called blacks, faggots, specs, gays and whoever else is out there, is a race.

By this reasoning, we can see that Western society with its anti-racism, is actually more racist than it was, since it is trying to imply racism without "coming out" and actually saying it. Those of us who are white, or part white, are implied to be evil people simply because of their skin color. We do not like this, since we are not evil and we have not evil intentions.


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